Siesta Key

Five secrets and legends of Siesta Key

By Best Western Siesta Key

July 24, 2023

Historic Shipwrecks

Among the brilliant reefs located off the coast of Siesta Key, you might be able to spy some ruins from noteworthy shipwrecks, including the Charta, the Antonio Ensenat, and the Bay Ronto.

Buried Treasure

On the south end of Crescent Beach on Siesta Key is a remarkable rock formation called Point of Rocks. Legends have named it as a primary hiding spot for pirates’ treasure that was plundered and looted from ships. Numerous treasure maps and stories have led treasure hunters to Point of Rocks in search of bags of gold dust hidden in a hole beneath the formation.

Stephen King's Home

Stephen King often visits his home on the northern tip of Casey Key, located about 12 miles south of Siesta Key. Although a 6,817 sq-ft estate, King’s home is only visible by the seagulls and birds that fly above due to the many trees, foliage, and privacy measures in place. 

A Protective Blessing?

The last time a hurricane directly hit Siesta Key was in the 1800s. While the island has experienced the damaging effects of storms, legend says that the Native Americans who once called Siesta Key home blessed the island to keep it safe and protected from hurricanes. Whether this tale is accurate is heavily debated among locals and historians. 

Magic White Sand

Additional theories have also surfaced to explain the lack of hurricanes on Siesta Key. One such “myth” is that Siesta Key’s white quartz sand possesses magical powers. What we know for sure is that the white powdery, sugary, soft, cool sand is 99% quartz, and even on the hottest, balmiest days of August, this sand still feels cool to walk over.