Fun for kids

Entertaining toddlers in Siesta Key

By Best Western Siesta Kay

June 10, 2023

Favorite Playgrounds

Kids love playgrounds with huge, colorful structures with slides, tunnels, and jungle gyms. You can find just that at Siesta Key Public Beach Park. Circus Park at Payne Park is another large and eye-catching playground with a small splash area, music makers, swings, and more.

Animal Encounters

Kids can meet sloths, wallabies, silver foxes, tigons, and ligers at The Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary. At Sarasota Jungle Gardens, kids of all ages can feed the flamingos, hold exotic birds and watch them roller-skate, and learn about reptiles. At the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, kids can meet sea life and make aquatic animal friends.

Interactive Exhibits

The Ringling’s Circus Museum features offers interactive exhibits for kids to balance on a horse, climb into a clown car, walk across a tightrope, and more. The Sarasota Children’s Garden is another local spot where toddlers can explore an enchanting and whimsical garden with pirates, fairies, caterpillars, and even the Three Little Pigs.

Oceans and Pools

The beauty of Siesta Key is that the beach has a calm and gentle surf, perfect for little kids who want to get their feet wet, sit on the water’s edge to splash, or build a sandcastle. For toddlers ready to try out their new pair of floaties or life jackets, the pool at Best Western Siesta Key is a wonderful and relaxing place to do so.

Siesta Key Drum Circle

Every Sunday night, people from all walks of life gather on Siesta Key Beach for a Drum Circle. With live music, hula hooping, dancing, and more, toddlers are free to move and groove as they please. The Siesta Key Drum Circle’s energetic beats are the perfect thing to tire them out on a Sunday at sunset.