In The Room

BW-Siesta Key-Sarasota

Why you'll get your best rest at the Best Western

A little about our beds

Thread Count

Thread count is determined by the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch in a sheet.  While this is often associated with longer-lasting, more luxurious feeling sheets, we also want you to feel clean and fresh.

Great Mattresses

Hotel mattresses are manufactured specifically for each hotel, so they don’t just feel better than a normal bed. They actually are better! Most hotel mattresses have a medium-firm feel to accommodate the wide range of hotel guests. Most likely, the difference you experience between your own bed and the hotel mattress is the difference in firmness.


The right pillow helps you sleep better, so the correct amount of firmness matters.  Most hotels offer two firm and two soft pillows on each bed. This allows guests to choose their best option and experience an ideal night of sleep.

Stay the night and feel the difference.

-Best Western Siesta Key