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BW-Siesta Key

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Get a Permit

Siesta Key beaches require a permit for the ceremony and another one for the reception if you plan to stay on the beach the entire time. So, make sure to plan ahead get the appropriate permits.


There’s nothing easier than decorating for a beach wedding.  Be aware of public beach restrictions (like open flames or alcohol). It’s also good to account for the elements – beaches are breezy and high tide could wash your wedding party away!


Be specific with the dress code. Be sure to think through the issues of heat, wind, and sand when you create your perfect beach wedding. Flipflops are always a great suggestion.

Be Weather Aware

Any outdoor event is subject to weather restrictions, and Siesta Key is no different.  We suggest October-April, when our winter feels like your spring and hurricanes are far less likely to ruin your weekend.

Beach weddings are always wonderful!

— BW Local Guides