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Try Turtle Beach: Local's Favorite

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Why Go?


The sand might be a little rougher than the crystalline sands of Siesta Key Beach, but it's quieter. With serene sunsets and a higher chance of spotting wild-life, the locals love this quiet beach. It's also a great place to take a walk. With a land-bridge to Casey Key, the beach is loved by walkers, shell-seekers, and quiet picnickers alike. During the winter months, it's also a wonderful place to watch surfers.

Why is it called Turtle?


This beach, being quieter, is a popular place for sea turtles seeking refuge. If you spot a tied off bit of beach, it's usually a turtle's nest, stay off.

Well Cared For


This beach is incredibly well cared for by Sarasota. The sand is replenished consistently and there are a ton of activities placed here

What to do here?


This beach is a popular jumping off point for boaters, kayakers, paddle boarders, and so much more! It's also not unusual to spot a row of people fishing at this beach, away from swimmers.

Try the beach that locals love.

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