Gulf of Mexico

Ultimate guide to point of rocks

By Best Western Siesta Key

August 21, 2023

Where is Point of Rocks?

Siesta Key has three main beaches, Siesta Beach, Turtle Beach, and Crescent Beach. If you have ever visited Crescent Beach, you may remember seeing a group of jetted rocks at the most southern end. This half-mile-long rock formation is called Point of Rocks and has been a popular destination for centuries.

Why is it Special?

Point of Rocks is a unique series of rock formations created from limestone, molluscan grindstone, and quartz thought to have been formed perhaps 4,300 years ago. It is believed that Point of Rocks was an ideal hiding spot for pirates to bury their loot. According to legend, there is still a hole at the bottom of Point of Rocks where buried treasure was abandoned.

Wildlife You'll Encounter

Point of Rocks is one of the most popular, scenic, and colorful locations on Siesta Key for snorkeling. The Gulf of Mexico has a clear, calm surf, allowing swimmers to easily navigate the relatively shallow waters. During your snorkel excursion, you are sure to encounter all sorts of marine wildlife, including fish, algae, crustaceans, seashells, and maybe even dolphins and manatees.

Snorkeling Tips

Water clarity is at its highest from the morning to early afternoon. The high visibility can allow snorkelers to see approximately 20 feet in the deeper waters and close to six feet closer to the rocks. From late spring through early fall, water conditions are ideal for snorkeling, while the winter months cool the water temperature. We recommend bringing a wetsuit if you plan to snorkel in the latter part of the year.

Equipment You'll Need

You will want to bring or rent additional gear while visiting Point of Rocks, such as a mask, snorkel, fins, and a diver down flag. If this is your first snorkel experience, or you prefer to rent equipment while on your Siesta Key vacation, a reputable and easy to work with snorkel equipment rental shop is Ride & Paddle by Siesta Key Sports Rentals.

Parking Tips

Planning your Point of Rocks adventure for the morning will give you a greater chance to claim prime parking at Beach Access 12 or 13. With only 20 parking spots and a short walk to the rock formation on Crescent Beach, the earlier you arrive, the better. Since Point of Rocks is a secluded beach location, be prepared for a quick walk no matter where you find parking.