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What do the stars mean when it comes to hotels?

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It's all about the amenities

A higher-star rating doesn't necessarily mean a nicer or higher-quality hotel. It means that the hotel offers more services like an in house bar, concierge services, 24-hour maid service, creche, or conference rooms. Depending on your vacation needs, these additional attributes may not be valuable to you.

What is one-star?

A one-star accomidation is the most basic hotel option. They may not have someone at reception 24 hours a day, they might have shared bathrooms, or offer maid service only upon request for long-term stays. Hostels are a common example of this form of accomidation.

What do you get for 2-stars?

A 2-star hotel is still a basic hotel option. The step up to two stars includes things like having a customer service agent available 24 hours a day, daily cleaning, an en-suite bathroom. They may offer phones and televisions in the room as well as a continental breakfast. This is a fairly standard hotel room.

3-Star Standard

If you've stayed in chain hotels, this is probably the star rating of those rooms. These hotels usually offer a fitness center, a pool, conference rooms, or a business center on top of the amenities offered in a 2-star hotel. Wifi is standard in a 3-star hotel.

Four Star Means Fancy

Four-star hotels are quite a bump up from 3-star. -multiple pools -day spas -24-hour maid service -bellhops -valet services -dedicated concierge services These are usually large, upscale hotels that offer an array of special suites.

5-Star Hotels Are Luxury

A 5-star hotel offers: -A high degree of personal service -sumptuous lobbies -in house spa -gourmet dining onsite -iconic stay options What qualifies as luxury can be quite vague, but you'll know it when you see it. This includes things like pillow menus, fresh flowers, tennis courts, etc. The difference between a 4 and 5-star hotel is that a 4-star hotel offers "extensive amenities, while 5-star hotels offer "amenities that provide an unmatched level of comfort".

What does this mean?

The star -rating system does not include cleanliness or quality, just add-ons. So, deciding whether you want to save some coin on a 2-star hotel or bump up to a 4-star comes down to if you feel like you need: -a restaurant in your hotel -a fitness center -a concierge -a business center If your hotel is just a place to sleep while adventuring, these amenities might go wasted on you.