10 games perfect for any beach day

By Best Western Siesta Key

May 30, 2023


When you spend time on Siesta Key Beach, keep an eye out for a collection of volleyball nets, or bring a ball to pass back and forth near the water.


Siesta Key’s white-sand beaches are the perfect spots for playing soccer since the sand stays cool, even on the hottest summer days.


Frisbee is a great sport to enjoy both on the sand with tons of space to run and jump, and in the water where it’s calm, clear, and cool.


While cornhole is a popular game to play in your backyard or at BBQs and cookouts, we also enjoy bringing portable cornhole boards to the beach.

Paddle Ball

This timeless game is still enjoying its days in the sunshine as many kids, young and old, still love hitting the ball back and forth while spending an afternoon on the beach.

Bocce Ball

This is one game that can truly bring the whole family together on the beach, from toddlers and teens to parents and grandparents. Bocce ball is easy, exciting, and great for the beach as most sets come in a compact carrying case.  

Ladder Ball

Ladder Ball is another game that is often found in backyards but can also be ideal for a beach day with family or friends.


Combining two popular childhood games, volleyball and four square, spikeball is a more thrilling and competitive game.


TidalBall includes elements of cornhole and bocce ball. Two teams of two players compete against each other as they try their best to toss and/or roll their ball into a hole.

Bucket Ball

Bucket Ball is a fun way to make “beer pong” family-friendly and larger than life! The first team to clear all of the buckets from their opponent wins.