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Beach-Friendly Camera Tips

By Best Western Siesta Key

January 23, 2023

Saltwater generally isn’t great for electronics, so a good idea is to find a disposable waterproof camera. If your phone also acts as your primary camera, perhaps investing in a disposable waterproof camera is an even better idea.

Consider the type of camera

When spending time on any beach, the phone or camera you bring is certainly at risk of attracting sand to each nook and cranny. Consider bringing a wagon or a large beach bag to store any items or devices you want to keep sand away from.

Protecting Your Camera


Be mindful of your lighting. The beach is a sunny place, and you want to make sure that the sun or reflection from the water doesn’t cause unflattering lighting. A good rule of thumb is to position the direct sunlight behind your camera for the best lighting.

camera Positioning